Budgeting For Artwork

The proven benefits of artwork have inspired many healthcare and senior living facility designers and managers to integrate artwork into their new construction and renovation projects. No longer considered just part of the décor, art has become a significant component in the overall design process, requiring in-depth planning and precise estimating to get the most value out of every dollar available.

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Stranger Things | Custom Framing

There’s no better way to protect and display your treasured memorabilia than having it custom framed. Take, for example, this autographed photo of the cast of Stranger Things. Since season 3 premiers tomorrow, we thought this would be the perfect time to post about this. 

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Do You Bleed Blue?

**UPDATE: The St. Louis Blues are Stanley Cup champions! To celebrate, ARCH Design is offering 20% OFF on all custom framing for Blues memorabilia - jerseys, ticket stubs, autographs, pucks and even sticks - we can do it all. GO BLUES!**

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It's been nearly 50 years since the St. Louis Blues made it to the Stanley Cup Finals, but that didn’t douse the hope and enthusiasm of their fans. The Blues are an interwoven part of the St. Louis community appreciated by all, and unconditionally supported by those who proudly proclaim that they “Bleed Blue.” 

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Artwork Substrate Options for Healthcare & Senior Living Spaces

The art you choose can help transform the space you have into the place you’ve always pictured. But just as important as the photography or imagery itself is the material it’s printed on. Different substrates are better suited for different environments, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, so what you purchase today can have a significant impact on your facility—and your budget—in the years to come. With numerous substrate options available at every price point, you can transform any artwork, graphic or photograph into a custom piece that best fits your facility and appeals to your audience.

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How Artwork is the Most Affordable Way to Increase Patient and Resident Satisfaction

For decades, hospital and senior living administrators viewed art as nothing more than a way to dress up an empty wall. Developing an overarching artwork standard for a facility was unheard of and investing in high-end pieces was considered a luxury by stakeholders. Yet, 30 years of research has proven that the healing power of art makes it a smart investment.

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How Art Positively Affects Medical Staff and Caregivers

If you’ve ever been in a hospital, senior living home or other caregiving facility, you may have noticed artwork on display throughout the space. What you may not realize is that artwork provides a number of benefits for patients and staff members alike. Art in caregiving environments has been shown to produce significant positive effects by boosting mood, morale and empathy, which in turn increases caregiver efficiency. These effects help ensure staff members are able to provide the best possible care to patients and residents.

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Transforming Interior Environments Through the Power of Art

ARCH Design, Artwork & Framing is a leading national firm that specializes in providing local artwork to healthcare facilities and senior living communities across the United States. We offer art consulting, artwork procurement, printing, project management, framing, delivery and installation of premium art at affordable prices.

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