How Artwork is the Most Affordable Way to Increase Patient and Resident Satisfaction

For decades, hospital and senior living administrators viewed art as nothing more than a way to dress up an empty wall. Developing an overarching artwork standard for a facility was unheard of and investing in high-end pieces was considered a luxury by stakeholders. Yet, 30 years of research has proven that the healing power of art makes it a smart investment.



A study from Cleveland Clinic found that when viewing the hospital’s art collection, 39 percent of patients said it improved their comfort or pain level, and 61 percent reported it reduced their overall stress while hospitalized. For forward-thinking providers, this affordable way to significantly increase patient and resident satisfaction makes procuring the right artwork critical to your model of care Transforming your environment with art is an effective and cost-efficient way to improve your patients’ or residents’ experience, comfort their families and re-energize your team. By partnering with an EDAC-certified art firm, you can elevate your space with stunning artwork that reflects your high standards and instills confidence in care the moment someone walks through your doors.

Procuring pieces for your facility can be an art in itself. The subject (realistic or abstract), where a piece is installed (in a resident’s room or in a common space), and its overall goal (to stimulate or to calm) all play a role in how the art you choose touches your patients or residents and their families. While you can pick up a beautiful piece of art at a number of places, curating a thoughtful environment for your facility requires extensive research and planning.

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Transforming Interior Environments Through the Power of Art

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